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EPSB Goals and Strategies

Vision Statement

Every public school teacher and administrator in Kentucky is an accomplished professional committed to helping all children become productive members of a global society.

Mission Statement

The Education Professional Standards Board, in full collaboration and cooperation with its education partners, promotes high levels of student achievement by establishing and enforcing rigorous professional standards for preparation, certification, and responsible and ethical behavior of all professional educators in Kentucky.

Goals and Strategies

Goal 1:

Every approved educator preparation program meets or exceeds all accreditation standards and prepares knowledgeable, capable teachers and administrators who demonstrate effectiveness in helping all students reach educational achievement.

Strategy 1.1. Maintain regular and rigorous reviews of all program quality indicators.

Strategy 1.2. Document and publish information on the quality of each preparation program.

Strategy 1.3. Provide technical assistance to support program improvement.

Strategy 1.4. Utilize research to inform program improvements.

Strategy 1.5. Review programs to ensure focus on student learning.

Strategy 1.6. Maintain a focus on continuous improvement of all preparation programs.

Strategy 1.7. Provide accurate and reliable data to support decision making.

Goal 2:

Every professional position in a Kentucky public school is staffed by a properly credentialed educator.

Strategy 2.1. Document every assignment of educators in Kentucky public schools.

Strategy 2.2. Document the highly qualified status of all Kentucky teachers as required under NCLB.

Strategy 2.3. Monitor the validity and reliability of teacher and administrator assessments.

Strategy 2.4. Document and publish the results of all assessments required of new teachers and new administrators.

Strategy 2.5. Maintain a focus on continuous improvement of all traditional and alternative route certification procedures and processes.

Strategy 2.6. Provide accurate and reliable data to support decision making.

Goal 3:

Every credentialed educator exemplifies behaviors that maintain the dignity and integrity of the profession by adhering to established law and EPSB Code of Ethics.

Strategy 3.1. Promote awareness of the EPSB Code of Ethics.

Strategy 3.2. Maintain an accurate database of misconduct and character and fitness cases.

Strategy 3.3. Present in a timely manner all cases for review by the EPSB.

Strategy 3.4. Maintain a focus on continuous improvement of all hearing procedures.

Strategy 3.5. Provide accurate and reliable data to support decision making.

Goal 4:

Every credentialed educator participates in a high quality induction into the profession and approved educational advancement programs that support effectiveness in helping all students achieve.

Strategy 4.1. Develop and utilize reliable measures of teacher effectiveness and student achievement that may be used in evaluation of induction and professional advancement activities.

Strategy 4.2. Ensure that every new teacher and principal has a high quality induction experience while demonstrating knowledge and skills that support student learning.

Strategy 4.3. Ensure that high quality mentoring and support services are provided for teachers seeking National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.

Strategy 4.4. Ensure that the Continuing Education Option for rank change program maintains appropriate rigor while demonstrating advanced knowledge and skills that support student learning.

Strategy 4.5. Provide accurate and reliable data to support decision making.

Goal 5:

The EPSB shall be managed for both effectiveness and efficiency, fully complying with all statutes, regulations and established federal, state, and agency policies.

Strategy 5.1. Maintain a qualified and diverse EPSB workforce.

Strategy 5.2. Ensure that all personnel are experiencing life-long learning and professional experiences that support their professional growth.

Strategy 5.3. Seek full funding for all EPSB operations, personnel, and programs through an approved biennial budget request.

Strategy 5.4. Provide semiannual budget reports to the EPSB.

Strategy 5.5. Maintain facilities, equipment, and agency technology that support efficient and productive agency operations.



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